Richard Wolstencroft’s relationship to holocaust denial and Nazis

(Update: Richard Wolstencroft stepped down from the Melbourne Underground Film Festival with a somewhat hollow apology. He’s still making a film about a Nazi and is listed as Contributing Editor for Alternative Right blog. Update #2: Richard Wolstencroft “un-resigned” saying “I can be as racist, homophobic, psychopathic as I wish to be. I’m tired of political correctness.”)

Richard Wolstencroft, the director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, has recently ended up in hot water over a post he made after the marriage equality survey result were announced. It wasn’t so much what he said, he has peddled all kinds of bad takes (such as blaming the shooting at Las Vegas on Soros, spreading falsehoods such as “The media is clearly manipulated by Soros” a favourite anti-semitic trope of the right such as Alex Jones) but the timing of his diatribe.

It was the moment when the majority of the community were celebrating winning the vote in favour to legalise same sex marriage. He called that moment a “Black day.”

The post itself was not only homophobic but was also has a suggestion of anti-semitism by conflating the win as an attack from “Globalists”, another key talking point from Alex Jones and others. The phrase Globalists can be used as a dog whistle:

The term “globalist” has also been used as an anti-Semitic dog whistle and echoes pernicious anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

A quote from a site written by a holocaust denier that Wolstencroft is Contributing Editor for uses globalist in this way:

Our ideas matter now because we, White American dissidents of every stripe, can finally be heard over the globalist media oligarchs who’ve been silencing us for decades.

The reaction from the marriage equality post was swift and Wolstencroft seemed to enjoy it “With all this publicity Muff will be packed next year – lol”. The “Slack Bastard” has a good summary.

I previously wrote about his position on other issues and penchant for getting attention after writing about him playing the anti-vaxx film ‘Vaxxed’ so thought I’d put the bits together here for convenience and look at his relationship to anti-semitism and holocaust denial. This is important because anti-semitism is on the rise with 10% increase in acts of anti-semitism according to the New York Times and other reports  Trump is becoming a magnet for anti-Semitism in Australia and the threat that the alt-right could turn violent – Will the Alt Right Produce the Next Timothy McVeigh?

Here’s Wolstencroft’s post:

A Black day. The Decadence and Degeneracy of the Bourgeois Elite has been normalized and they will use this to destroy us. The Family and The Nation will be under direct attack. Homosexuality is created often through child abuse and it has been embraced by the Majority of Australians as normal. The Australian public really was fooled, bullied and cajoled in to this decision ruthlessly by the Government and Media Elite. I would also suspect some vote rigging The Elite who wish to advance this abusive and destructive agenda. This is the beginning of the End of our Great Country. – unless we fight back. This is a horrible black day of infamy. The Gay Community have allowed their politics to be weaponized by the Globalists. A Tragedy.

Alt Right/Neo Nazis

Wolstencroft is a self described Trump supporter/alt righter. The alt right is “an offshoot of conservatism mixing racism, white nationalism and populism.” He fashions himself as an “Australian Milo Yiannoppoulos” (his words) who himself has a Nazi problem, where Milo was filmed singing to Richard Spencer and co giving Nazi salutes (Spencer was the one who famously got punched in the face while doing an interview mid-sentence describing his Pepe lapel).

It’s fair to say that I’m the Australian Milo Yiannoppoulos

Here he is at the Milo gig in Melbourne (he looks a bit sad that he’s not recognised):

Wolstencroft self identifies as a “transcendental fascist”. He has praised many fascist thinkers and wrote

Its criminal though that many fascist thinkers, i.e the major Nazi philosopher of record, are simply ignored, because they are racists, by most of Academia.

He’s an acolyte of Alexandr Dugin (who some have argued has roots close to fascist and proto-Nazi sources) saying:

I think the Alt Right movement can go more Populist and expand it’s raech. We have to retake Europe with Right Wing Populists, begin deportations to save Europe from this recent threat and carve out the new geo political picture in ideologically and mythic terms beyond the ken of the Globalist agenda and based around the idea of a New Axis – the solidity of a Russia and United States alliance.

He has according to Junkee “expressed sympathy for Nazism”, quoting Wolstencroft as writing in 2010:

the Nazis only wanted a united Europe like the EU

One blog shows that he has listed Alfred Rosenberg (notorious Nazi described as a “genius for misunderstanding history”), De Gobineau (race theorist who developed the notion of the Aryan master race) and Houston Stewart Chamberlain (racist/antisemite) among his “Favourite books.” (He’s also called the film Samson & Delilah “the Abo one”, according to the blog.

He labels himself as a “transcendental fascist” and speaks glowingly of fascism and Nazism on his blog, this from 2009:

One of the great interesting characteristics about fascism is that it perfectly reflects nature and the structure and Being of the Universe.

Nazism is in many senses the most extreme, far reaching and intense manifestation and representation of Western Civilisation ever to be made factical. Some historians even equate fascism and modernism together (see Roger Griffin’s recent work). Which, by the way, I believe, and is why I bought my “Modernist” T shirt recently in LA…

What excites me though, about say, footage of Nazi rallies, its architecture, or political philosophy of the era, is its vast futuristic character. A cold and logical paradigm shift in human development had taken place under Mussolini and Hitler and its full intensity proved too much for the bourgeois allies, and the monstrous ‘dread leveler’ best represented by Stalin. Of course, I have stated that Nazism is full of errors of intensity, nuance and velocity, the main being the aforementioned choice of Jew as internal enemy, when clearly Jews are a most superior people, who should be allied to the cause of Western civilisation, rather than recast as its enemies and victims.

This of course is the essential strategy of most holocaust deniers, essentially, but one need not deny the Jewish holocaust to redeem fascism.

I wish to pursue the idea that a regenerated fascism need not be Evil or destructive, and that a ‘good’ fascism could indeed exist in the future.

He also goes into more depth about his thought on “transcendental fascism” on Robert Stark’s podcast called the StrakTruth (jump to 53:00).

He also hangs out with Q Society (told in a story on the “Star Chamber”, a budget talk show, beside Richard Lowenstein (?!) and David Thrussell). The Q society is a far right group with links to Christian fundamentalist in the US.

Wolstencroft is listed as a Contributing Editor for Alternative Right blog “founding site of the alt-right” that was originally started by Richard Spencer left in 2013 leaving the blog to Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell. Wolstncroft begun writing in 2014 according to Slack Bastard. Here’s some history of the blog from the Southern Poverty Law Centre (from a report on the alt-right that is well worth reading in full):

Spencer left his Alternative Right blog on Christmas Day 2013 in order to focus on the Radix Journal, an online journal published by the National Policy Institute that promotes the creation of a white ethno-state. Spencer’s abrupt departure, referred to as the “Christmas Day Purge,” left the blog to two fellow white nationalists, Colin Liddell of the United Kingdom and Andy Nowicki, a former college professor. The blog has struggled since then to stay relevant to the white nationalist movement.


He says himself in an interview that he writes for the “alt-right” saying, “The new movement – The Alt Right – a Western Society advocating movement connected to Trump I have written a few articles and film reviews for.”

The Alt Right is the group that James Fields spawned from who ended up ramming his car into peaceful protestors in Charlottesville killing Heather Heyer and injuring many others.

contributing editor - new alt right.png
Screen grab from web site archived here and here

Hope not Hate’s summary of the Alternative Right blog:

Founded in 2010, the Alternative Right blog is the self-professed “founding site of the alt-right” and currently the mouthpiece of editors Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki.

The blog has its roots in, the website founded and edited by Richard Spencer in 2010…

The blog currently covers subjects such as “white sharia” and the Jewish Question, with other writers including James Lawrence and Keith Preston, and hosts Nowicki’s Nameless Podcast.

Both Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki are listed by the Anti-Defamation League “The alt right (short for “alternative right”) is a segment of the white supremacist movement consisting of a loose network of racists and anti-Semites

Anti-fascist News writes:

Colin Liddell, who was a prime blogger for that was created by Richard Spencer, was known for his controversial articles.  This included ones that questioned the history of the Holocaust, as well as bluntly put his belief that black people were barely better than animals. While Spencer was still the editor of the website, he published an article by Liddell called “Is Black Genocide Right?”

Colin Liddell wrote a piece that was covered by Rachel Maddow. In it Liddell writes about the holocaust saying “Leaving aside the question of whether it actually happened” and ” supposed historical event”. The piece is celebrated every year on the Alternative Right blog since it was published 27th January 2013. The date is chosen because Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated on 27th of January and the is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Wolstencroft is happy to be associated with the Alt Right site edited by Colin Liddell, a holocaust denier and racist (he said in 2012 that the black race “has contributed almost nothing to the pool of civilization”) with both his writing and on the sites podcast.

Here’s some takes from the Alternative Right:


But many in the Alt Right go a lot further. They have started to see a different Donald, one who is cucked and in the pocket of the Globalists, and may soon deserve the echoing parenthesis around (((his own name))).

Trump is gonna bring some people “very close” to him over the next few years—before showing them the true nature of the deal. Sometimes by sticking the knife in when least expected. This will be well worth the wait, I assure you. And remember at the end of The Godfather Part II Hyman Roth [a jewish character that he uses as an analogy for todays “Globalists” and refers to Kushner, who is also jewish as an “insider family traitor”] ends up dead.


Many, even Left and Liberal members of the Jewish Community, will (eventually) warm to him…

So, an important lesson is there to be learned by all from Godfather II, as we all remember how Hyman Roth ended up [dead].

But Trump has to be clever and to negotiate; he has to trick at times and cajole many of his enemies. Trump can truly be a saviour of Western Civilisation, which has been the hope of much of The Alt Right – and let’s hope he can pull it off.


Who knows, maybe Pauline Hanson for Prime Minister is a dream not that far off, after all.


Soros, sensing danger, “released the hounds” on the Chicago Rally, which had to be cancelled in a rather speculator way.

MARINE LE PEN: STORMING THE GLOBALIST BASTILLE [herself minimising French involvement with the holocaust saying “I don’t think France is responsible for the Vel d’Hiv,”]

When we got there, our cab driver was some Arab scumbag. Then we got caught in a demonstration on the way to the hotel. A rowdy crowd of ungrateful immigrants were waving a flag that I did not recognise. I asked the imbecile at the wheel “What flag is that?


Marcuse and the other Communists are ridiculed in an even more vicious way than the Anglo-Saxon Hollywood establishment. This is the main redeeming feature of the film, and is the main reason to see it. It should certainly get a few chuckles from the Alt-Right cognoscenti. Clearly the Coens are right-wing Jews – and that fits in with their other work, if you think about it.

The left wing Jews in Hail, Caesar! are shown to be naive, useless, ineffectual, delusional, malicious, and outright criminal in their intentions – not a million miles from Bernie Sanders, really LOL.




She was a Jewish globalist involved in founding the Beat Generation

Then there is the sinister Doctor Benway, an uncanny precursor of George Soros, or even Caitlyn Jenner in one scene.

I have been ruminating on this for a few months and have decided to write a new essay for the restored Alternative Right, my first after the original got a free globalist helicopter ride after the events in Charlottesville.


In the Alternative Right’s Podcast 47: “The Alt-Right Conquers the Universe” Richard talks with Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki. Richard regurgitates an anti-semitic talking point in talking about Black Lives Matter (38:35).

Soros is behind it.

These quotes show a fixation on jews. Something that the alt-right ala neo-nazis display (think the tiki torch brigade chanting “Jews will not replace us”.

Recurring Nazi Themes in art and enterprises

Wolstencroft has made other comments defending and being an apologist for the Nazis:

The Nazis only wanted a united Europe like the EU…Hitler would have protected the British Empire and it would exist in a greater glory to this day if he had been allowed to”

Wolsentcroft revels in the media attention. He said after the attention he received from the Nazi themed night, at his nightclub, the Hellfire Club, that he “deliberately” does provocative things because in his words “I love causing controversy”:

What ever I do I’m a provocateur, I love it when people hate what I do sometimes, I deliberately do it, I love causing controversy, I love being hated in the media, being on the front cover of the Herald Sun, being attacked, I mean that’s so much fun.

Wolstencroft’s own productions have featured Nazi sympathisers and had Nazi themes. For example, his latest film still in production, the Debt Collector (the name itself, depending on the context, is an antisemitic canard). The film features a Nazi:


the main villain in my new movie – he identifies as Alt Right – the WN [white-nationalist] end obviously. I THINK this will be the first time the Alt Right is majorly featured as characters in any movie.

The film is made by Ontological Pictures and lists the Melbourne Underground Film Festival as its offical website.

Still from Pearls Before SwineFilm Bizaro

There is an extended monologue praising Nazis in Pearls Before Swine 1999 delivered Boyd Rice. It begins:

The reason we should admire the Nazis is simple…


His charters make long dead soliloquies (in one case an exegesis on the benefits of Nazism) perhaps he hasn’t heard of the “show don’t tell” school of film making.

The Beautiful and Damned (2010) was a modern adaption of a novel by  F. Scott Fitzgerald. Wolstencroft wrote about the anti-semticsm in the work:

My interest in Right Wing and Fascist politics did attract to me to Fitzgerald oddly enough. He spoke admiringly of Mussolini in an interview I read and never lived to see the major human rights atrocities of fascism. So, much like say Lawrence, Eliot, Pound or Yeats I detect a reactionary Right Wing vein in Fitzgerald. This can also be applied to Fitzgerald’s alleged anti Semitism. I naturally left the reference intact from the book in the film. Though it is a minor issue in The Damned and I did it so as to remain true to the novel and the Bloekman character. I think Anthony’s anti Semitism shows his weakness at that moment and that overall I find Fitzgerald is not really a racist or anti-semite. Though he has some Southern sensibilities, I would suggest…

A lot of the thoughts come from my study of Martin Heidegger. A major figure in 20th century thought and the most important philosopher of our epoch, in my humble opinion.

Surprise, surprise Martin Heidegger was a member of the Nazi Party. It’s interesting that he left the anti-Semitism in to “remain true to the novel” but changes the time period it was set by a century.

David Irving – Nazi pseudo-historian

Wolstencroft programmed a film and a phone hook up with David Irving the notorious holocaust denier for MUFF 2003. The film was a rant by David Irving called In Search For Truth In History (originally made in 1993 to be shown in Australia in his absence after being refused entry a number of times previously). This is how it was billed:

The Search for Truth in History | 80 Min
David Irving’s address, recorded in 1993 following his ban from visiting Australia, is his response to this outlandish state of affairs. This session will hopefully include a live post screening phone hook up with David Irving in the USA so he can speak directly with an Australian audience and answer questions. Stay tuned as we ‘go over the top’ and fight censorship for real.

The festival Directs statements reads:

It should be noted that I have played some historical revisionist material in MUFF 4 for reasons of freedom of speech…I’m not about to sit here and deny any event like the Jewish holocaust; as the actions of the einsatzgruppen, the destruction and liquidation of Polish Ghettoes, obscene racism and deportations, etc are well documented and you will find even Irving doesn’t argue with all of this…. Why is the Jewish holocaust given such precedence and almost quasi-religious status, dogmatic legal protections and aura?

In the end it wasn’t screened because on the night the venue canceled the screening  because of concerns for “safety”, according to a media release from MUFF:

At 4.00pm today the operator of the Bughouse Omniplex informed the MelbourneUnderground Film Festival (MUFF) that Mr Ron Goldschalger, son of the landlord, ofthe building housing the Bughouse, Mr. Albert Goldschlager, had decided that afterfour successful screenings of MUFF at their venue they could not allow the fifth to go ahead this evening, being the David Irving film “The Search for Truth in History” over what was described as concerns regarding ‘safety’.

The film pushes holocaust denial at the time there was media attention around playing the film and enough concern that the The Jewish Community Council of Victoria took the Wolstencroft to VCAT.

Gerard Henderson (I can’t believe I’m quoting him) writes:

The documentary, which runs for over an hour, is nothing but a rant-to-camera by Irving. He uses the occasion to condemn “our traditional enemies, you know who they are” (yes, indeed, Jews, of course). And he describes the accepted truth that the Nazi Germany regime murdered some 6 million Jews as both a “blood lie” and a myth which the “Jewish people have been dining out on for the last 50 years”.

Wolstencroft said, in a podcast with notorious American holocaust denier David Cole (who did the TV rounds in the 1990’s, shocking people like an early Milo), that he chose Irving because he was a “shit stirrer” that both himself and Irving like to “rub people up the wrong way”. This description is very charitable description of a Nazi, who had his day in court to defend his “shit stirring” but instead got his arse served by the High Court of Justice in 2000, (three years before Wolstencroft decided to play his propaganda diatribe):

david Irving
David Irving – wikipedia

The judge said he found that Irving was “an active Holocaust denier; that he was anti-Semitic and racist and that he associated with right-wing extremists who promoted neo-Nazism”.

At trial, they demonstrated that Irving had knowingly used falsified documents as sources, misattributed quotes, and willfully interpreted euphemisms for extermination (a common component of the orders issued by the Nazi high command) at face value…As much as he loves to, even David Irving now cannot deny that it is an established legal fact that he is a Holocaust-denying, Nazi-supporting, racist fuckhead.

what was Judge Charles Gray findings?

The charges which I have found to be substantially true include the charges that Irving has for his own ideological reasons persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence; that for the same reasons he has portrayed Hitler in an unwarrantedly favourable light, principally in relation to his attitude towards and responsibility for the treatment of the Jews; that he is an active Holocaust denier; that he is anti-semitic and racist and that he associated with right wing extremists who promote neo-Nazism.

A feature film was released about the case in 2016 called Denial. The case was a pivotal moment that could have normalised holocaust denial if they lost. I recommend a watch.


On his blog 2009 he says:

regarding the wholesale slaughter of Jews during World War II, the most honest thing I can say is: I wasn’t there.

I deny the very existence of what is commonly understood to mean a “Holocaust Denier.” In short, I am a Holocaust Denial Denier.” and said

…regarding the Jewish Holocaust of World War II, I feel I haven’t read enough, from both the Elie Wiesels and the David Irvings, to give you my take on what I suspect actually happened. I will be reading a lot more on the topic, and I’ll let youse know. Can’t be more fair than that.

In a radio interview only, last year, with alt-right personalities, Wolstencroft, explained his thinking leading up to the attempt to play Irving’s film. Wolstencroft says that he found Irving to be a “charmer” and that he was “interested” in holocaust denial himself.  He also equivocated on his own position on holocaust denial, suggesting that the “film industry” is holding him back from speaking freely about his position on holocaust denial:

I have never made a comment whether I believe any of it [holocaust denial], and won’t make a comment on that because essentially you can’t in the film industry.

Why does Wolstencroft associate with so many holocaust deniers and share platforms which push holocaust denial and anti-semitism? Why did he make a platform for holocaust denial? Why does he celebrate Nazism in his films? And why does he equivocate on his own position?


“MUFF acknowledges the financial assistance of the Australian Film Commission” from 2003 Program

“Every OTHER major/indy film fest in Oz gets Gov Funding even dear ol Monsterfest. Nearly 20 years of MUFF cost to tax payer – ZERO” From a post 2017



Edited extract from If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound. If Vaxxed is shown at MUFF has it really been shown at a festival?


VAXXED, CLIFF and THRUSSELL: How a cancelled film was everything about consequences of poor decision making and nothing about freedom of speech.


Post script

In an new article the anti-semetic trope of Soros is referred to:


As usual it was around half-a-dozen or so paid Soros employees and about 40 to 50 useful idiots making up the mob.

The media is clearly manipulated by Soros agents and useful idiots.

The left-wing, anti-free-speech media interrupters are nothing but Soros agents or, more likely, useful idiots.

Also he defends genocide:

He painted a portrait of the Aborigines as vicious and ignorant savages, whose lost culture, land, and life style were better off being lost.

Here in Oz we tend to pussyfoot rather delicately around this issue, so it was somewhat refreshing to hear someone being so logically brutal and deeply non-PC about the local sacred cow.

His whole point was that we totally had the right to replace such a barbaric culture, and that ours is clearly superior, which, by almost any standard that people live by, it clearly is. He pointed out that Aborigines had not even got around to discovering the wheel, yet we were expected to respect such an under-evolved world view.

Wolstencroft has said in the past that “As a Transcendental Fascist, I would act more decisively and actually give the Aborigines back part of their land. Say the Northern Territory?” So I’m not sure how to define his position. Confused?


Even the Far Right, with its own reactionary hate-filled rhetoric and cruel memes, can, from this hermeneutic, now be seen as, in a sense, being anti racist.

He argued in 2008 that ‘Multiculturism is racism’.

Colin Liddell‏ stated (4 May 2018) that Wolstencroft is trying yo get the rights of play about Hitler called ‘Hitler and the Tragedy of Geli Raubal’ by Enzo Condello. Wolstencroft also wrote a glowing review.

Note the became with a mirror at

I have copies of the articles extracted above but they should be able to be accessed here.

Podcast “The Year of the Frog” review of 2016 “Alex Fontana & Richard Wolstencroft join Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell to look back at one of the most astounding years in living memory.”

Wolstencroft has been active on Twitter using his Melbourne Underground Film Festival Twitter handle (@MUFF_Melbourne) trying to get attention. He has been regurgitating alt-right/extremem right/ pro-Trump content. He’s also been retweeting anti-semitic content such as Soros conspiracy theories, this one calls Soros the Devil:

anti semetic


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