Australian Christians Party: on climate change “The world has more important priorities”

If you care about climate change DO NOT VOTE Australian Christians.

The Australian Christian Party candidate in Ballarat is Dianne Colbert and their Victorian Senate candidate is Vickie Janson.

It might be tempting to vote for them because the Pope has made strong pronouncements on climate change but that would be a big mistake because the AC Party represents a small band of evangelical faith (not catholic). Christian leaders have already expressed anger over their name:

Victorian Council of Churches says it is astounded that the party has been allowed to register a name which implies that it represents an entire faith.

So what is their policy on climate change if they have one?

Their official policy is climate denial and pro-coal. This is from their website:

The world has more important priorities other than the likelihood of global warming

The energy market should compete in the real price market

In other words dig up coal and burn it. Good times.

At present, large-scale renewable energy is not a viable option

Uhmmm South Australia Denmark etc

…all the movement internationally has been away from any form of binding commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What happened at that big meeting at Paris, with all the people?

I was also sent a letter from the AC’s Victorian State Director saying fossil fuel donations and subsidies are fine.

Mining companies should have the same freedom as any other company or individual to make donations to political parties…

Does their party accept money from cigarette companies? If not, why can’t that be expanded to fossil fuel industry?

The letter also said

Australia is actually 13 th on the list of the world’s carbon dioxide emitters..

As if that’s a good thing and as if that morally extricates us from taking climate action.

They also have some other interesting views about a conspiracy of climate change, also from their own site

The day might soon be approaching when Australian government also abdicates its sovereignty to UN “law”.

The UN is an unelected body with growing international ambitions.

…Australia is told to keep the climate faith alive.

…IPCC framework and ideas from Australian economist, Ross Garnaut — a member of the banking elitist, Trilateral Commission.

John Howard’s success at coercively placing renewables into the energy mix received criticism as a covert attempt to increase federal authority over the states.

They are not fans of Howard which would indicate how far right they are.

I’ve only had a quick look at climate change but there are other policies that seem equally problematic.

Diane Colbert also believes she has been chosen by god:

“I have often prayed for God to raise up Godly men and women in politics – never thinking for a moment that He would choose me!”

Which I also find problematic. What happens if she loses? Does that mean God don’t exist.


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